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Get To B Safety Series Event 

Not another shoulder to cry on: Reducing Lane Departures

Work-related Motor Vehicle Crashes

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has released a fact sheet and planning guide that can help employers keep workers safe when driving, riding in or working around motor vehicles on the job.


MDOT/MPO hosted a series of community meetings on coast by Caray Grace

WLOX coverage of the long-range planning, Round #1 Public Meetings 


Coast leaders say its best to do transportation improvement planning together

 WLOX coverage of the December 2014 Annual Meeting of the MS Gulf Coast MPO by Danielle Thomas

Commute times drop in south Mississippi 


Secretary Foxx: Mississippi's Road Problems  "Break My Heart"

Deborah Barfield Berry - 11:23pm CST November 21, 2014


Unsafe bridges are prevalent across the Magnolia State.

  WASHINGTON Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx recently recalled that on a visit to Mississippi earlier this year he saw bridges so dilapidated that school bus drivers had to go miles out of their way to drop off students.

  "It breaks my heart because places like Mississippi, Alabama that are down there in the Deep South — that you've got good people trying to work hard and do the right thing, and in some cases, they just can't get from A to B,'' Foxx    told USA Today reporters on Wednesday. "That should not be, in the 21st century. We're a better country than that."

  Mississippi relies heavily on federal funding to help repair roads, bridges and other infrastructure across the state. Read the complete article here.

  Image: Mississippi Business Journal; April 25, 2014, "State ranks 10th nationally in deficient bridges"


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Mississippi State Quick Facts

Of the 582 Mississippi traffic fatalities recorded in 2012

  • · 407 of them happened in rural areas (~70%)
  • · 64 involved drivers under age 21 (~11%)
  • · 39 resulted in a motorcyclist death (~7%)
  • · 95 were speeding related fatalities (~16%)
  • · 179 were alcohol-impaired related (~31%)
  • · 48 of the fatalities were pedestrians (~8%)

*These facts were reported by The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and the Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA)

Images by Dan Peters Photography

Images by Dan Peters Photography

Images by Dan Peters Photography

Images by Dan Peters Photography


Images by Dan Peters Photography

Local History

Did you know that Popps Ferry was the major mode of transportation for people, livestock and vehicles across the Biloxi Back Bay until the early 1900's?

The ferry began its operation in the early 1800's and remained a private enterprise until Harrison County took over its management in 1916. the roadwy and surrounding neighborhood remain named after the last ferry landing owner, John F. Popp (1835-1918.)