TIP Amendment (February 2017)

TIP Amendment Process:

Submit questions and comments directly to MPO staff here

Every 6 months, the MS Gulf Coast Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) is evaluated for needed amendments or modifications. 

All new project applications must be submitted with a signed resolution from the managing LPA. LPA should submit a letter to, dtaylor@grpc.com, to request additional project funds, a change in construction year, to adjust project termini or scope, etc. *Note that all new and additional funding allocations are dependent upon available federal funds.

  • February 2017 Amendment Schedule
  • Submission & Review Period                  12/8-1/20
  • Submission Deadline (5pm)                    1/20 TIP.PPP Open House Display Ad
  • TIP Progress Meeting                               1/25  
  • Public Review Period                                2/10-2/20
  • MPO Review & Adoption                         2/23 


Public Review PeriodFeb. 10- Feb. 20, 2017

Open-House EventFeb. 16th, 4-6pm at Val’s Bar & Grill

(503 Porter Ave, Ocean Springs)


In accordance with 23 CFR 450 and FTA Sec. 5307 POP guidance, the Mississippi Gulf Coast MPO, is seeking public input on proposed amendment(s) to its Public Participation Plan (PPP) and Transportation Improvement Program (TIP).

The proposed PPP amendment is in the Public Transportation Chapter, page 65 & 66. Information tables have been updated to better define Coast Transit authority’s (CTA) major & minor change thresholds, as well as the actions trigger by each of those changes. PPP review period Feb 10- Mar. 27. Click here to view the Draft PPP

The proposed TIP amendments include:

  • Remove Bay St Louis, Old Spanish Trail lighting ($640,640 STP)
  • Remove Bay St Louis, Hwy 90 multiuse pathway ($164,800 STP)
  • Add Diamondhead, Aloha Dr widened shoulder ($136,400 TAP)
  • Add Diamondhead, Noma Dr multiuse pathway ($430,400 TAP)
  • Add Diamondhead, Golf Club Dr sidewalk extension ($400,000 STP)
  • Add Ocean Springs, Porter Ave bike/ped improvements ($930,000 STP)
  • Add Gulfport, Ship Island Ferry program upgrades ($1,156,913 Earmark)
  • Add Gulfport, Hwy 90 and 20th Ave Improvements ($507,169 STP)
  • Funding Increase, Gulfport, Dedeaux Rd by (by $1,573,635 to $4,832,896 STP)
  • Funding Increase, Gulfport, Courthouse Rd by (by $886,512 to $4,246,323STP)

Projects Funded by FTA/Coast Transit Authority (CTA) Amendments:

  • CTA Funding Increase: Computer Equipment, Sec 5307 increase from $16,000 to $24,000
  • CTA Additional Funds: Expand Gulfport Multimodal Hub, Sec 5307 $8,878,408 FY18
  • CTA Additional Funds: Gulfport/Hwy 90 Bike/Ped/Tram Bridge, Sec 5339 $8,925,500 FY18

For more information about these amendments or other questions related to the regional transportation planning process email contactus@grpc.com, call 228-864-1167, mail or stop in at 1635-G Popps Ferry Rd, Biloxi MS 39532 or visit the agency website, www.grpc.com. GRPC prohibits discrimination in all of its programs, services and activities. Persons who require assistance under the Americans with Disabilities Act should contact the MPO at least five (5) business days prior to the end of the scheduled review period.

  • STP = Surface Transportation Program Funds
  • TAP = Transportation Alternative Program Funds